I firmly believe the ONLY reason & sole calling of my immeasurable success as an Arabic Christian performer (founder of NeverRepeatAJoke) is whether I represent a superhero?

I invest in an art café in Amman, Jordan where I perform in my native tongue. I’m infused as Muslim & often barraged with insults as I’m 1st generation. I suffer from tinnitus where the only cure is socializing.

Argued to be a “real” comedian, I’m unique with regard to my range of vocalizations based on the auditory system. My use of frills as low frequency acoustic enhancers has generally been accepted as the new anti-humor. It stands to reason that my extraordinary ability to hear would also be capable of exhibiting a wide range of vocalizations over substantial distances.

An advocate for “improvised bombing” (which has 2 polar opposite definitions), my social media is under review by homeland security as I single-handedly counter terrorism, shepherd the lost, absolve extremism.

Please Respond Below: Are comedians comics? They can’t be the same [words]. Or can they?

Imagine the next Marvel DC movie of comedians/comediennes beating up superheroes with a microphone! HEHA!

Fellow Grammar Police Grammar Nazi: I’d rather see comedienne’s as superheroines. Do I add a dash there?

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