12 O’s in Trillion

Our student debt is 4 times greater than the GDP of Sweden. $3K is accrued per second. The average grad owes $36K while the Federal Government will pocket over $50 billion this year. By filing for bankruptcy protection, corporations halt litigation. Consumer & gambling debt may be erased but when Americans owe student loans, bankruptcy is not an option. Families inherit Student Debt of their deceased loved ones, literally haunting us in our grave. Out of 40 million borrowers – 7 million have defaulted – resulting in 25% penalization. If you’re behind on your payments you are unable to graduate.

Parents have electronic means of watching their childrens’ progress, calling teachers plus seeking reports, appalled at failure. Parents needs to parent.

Since ’99, student debt has increased 500 fold. According to CNN, since Y2K the average salary for young people has decreased 10%.

I put all of my focus on a concise & clear lecture with access to excel in each task & if I don’t understand I find a way to. You bet your behind. I don’t balk. I volunteer; commute to seminars, & emphasis programs, attend job fairs & luncheons; my free time is spent on extra credit.

I wish to digitally compute or tally in pencil the amount of extra hours I spend on what students refuse to address, whom resign themselves as hippies. I am trading debt for the right to be an expert as every apt pupil expects. Some have no principles; they asking instructors to bypass assignments for our sake.

billKeep the written word alive. There is no hot air to waste. Take their word at face value. Varnish your air of despair. Are our educational woes really another’s fault? In this day & age, teachers & parents sound off on the kettle of responsibilities. This would include all forms of educational bureaucracy, IEPs & unions.

So, is home-schooling the piece-meal? Please answer below. There’s the pot & then there’s the kettle. Instructors spare their allotted vacation time (way passed the final bell gong of the school year) grading as well as manufacturing exams for the betterment of the student body & the future of the United States Department of Education.

Some parents even hire lawyers to rant & rave against – & abscond – standardized testing … only to further emphasize the constructs of who are the allies & who are the enemies: the parents or the teachers?

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