How do you know when you fill the olfactory gag quotient? When you put as much humor in as the tone of what you are doing will sustain. Your responsibility as a pioneer at the helm sets the tone. Drop the oddity, draw the line, lend heart, a degree of warmth. Fight for truth here, now, on the record.

What does Clean Comic entail? I am a clean cut, PG guy always will be always have been; I’m not a has-been though.

I love how comedians (rookie or novice) female or cis-male typically start their sets with I’m depressed. Or depression is … Or some view point or take on how to tackle said depression – as depression leads to suicide wheretofore 1 out of 4 are successful.

To whet the idiom there’s one in every family. One person insane enough to bring down the establishment! I’m not asking you if you have a crazy person in your family, but say I were, how would you define to me crazy?

I ask you to ask yourself: Will we figure out what we need to know before Earth is destroyed by some random miraculous terrifyingly beautiful act of our so-called Universe?

Thank your eyes, brain & body – your silent companion throughout life – for allowing you consciousness!

To see more than you did before in an extraordinary time period allowing you & your fellow pedestrian to study mysteries of existences so far away: aliens, nothingness, science, gods, paranormal.

Combine common knowledge with your own beliefs, & conspiracy theories: explore the depths of the mind’s eye as we are all made of the same molecules of galaxies.

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