The indoctrination into standup is the Original Sin.

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Supralapsarian (antelapsarian, pre-lapsarian or prelapsarian, before the Fall of the Pride of Mankind: a time whereupon fruit doth inquire queerdom. Or infralapsarian (sublapsarian, postlapsarian) after the Fall of the Pride of Womenkind.

Amour-propre (French for self-love) whereupon esteem revolves upon the opinion of others. Rousseau contrasts with Amour de soi, “self-love”, as dependent on wholeness.

Both unnatural hedonists & primal nepotists rise amidst the bell curve of profiling. Hereby incorruptible subjects thereby birthing misers.

The Auto In Aristocrat

Poetry corners lit agencies & their agents & grassroots market in tow w/ gibberish … so they publish as idioms, adages, aphorisms, limericks or haiku in their stead. Fuckity fuck fuck tending to the flock %&*$% If we decide to make it as lit as grand larceny, cull the rooting tooting herd.

Appease the non in your fictition. Plot a Venus flytrap in the daylight gardenia of the Pleasure-Seeking & Vile.

A Black-Hole chapter where the ellipses serves as the Margin of error.

To Misfire is lit for the illiterates; as fuego as the Menorah 🕎 Infernal magnate.

I say Knack. You say Facet. …How political grammarians be?

Run a line of gunpowder around the bills & the bobs. An established order of invalid gang-banging crypt walking aristocrats popping the red white blue collar. Ignite a Molotov matchbook to the cock ‘n tails astray. Compass takes orbit. Scratch the Poison Ivy itch. Super-villain not excluded.

Pass the Wut?

We seek validity via conspiracy theory. Why? We are incapable of meritocracy. Insecure as in a lack of motor skill. Yes this is a psychoanalysis!

The American public are a phalanx fictition bowing – nigh cowering – to predispose Uncle Sam to allocate the honest buck.

Not given to flights of fancy .. new media touts sharing wealth. Where wealth prospers returns prove to be just that: Ostensible.

Pacifism is for those on the spectrum. Humble gratuity (as it is carved on our gravestone) is our final resting place.

5 Westworld Quotes


“When Michaelangelo created his masterpiece he created the brain hidden in plain sight. The divine gift doesn’t come from a higher power but our own minds. Tell me Dolores do you know what you want to be come if you ever leave WestWorld?”

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“Your future is still available to the hosts in WestWorld. We know what will become of you Maeve. You will enter onto the bus & then ….”



We prosper in a brave new planet with peace dividend: lightness, & sweetness. Why bypass the peace treaty? Hoping or wishing away viciously dangerously threats do not do any good.

Note the great culture clash betwixt East & West. The challenge is the saturated broadcasting environment, with multiple avenues to reach people. Media provides a valuable tool to concede credibility. How does one win the allegiance of the masses?

Increasingly broadcast outlets are combining; these aren’t stove pipes. The person who does the TV report, works the radio report for the online papers; combine. Be a one figure band.

Find the beating heart of your tale, the pulse. Use punchy, dramatic headlines.

Imagine JESUS speaking to GOD:

“I’ve been given to the wrong family at birth; somewhere followers long for me. From where you stand, my failure to dog-paddle is the first of many. Failure to enunciate, failure to sit up straight, failure to plug into a social pipeline. In me, you recognize a failed life. Your own.”

Quote me: Silence is most loud as it is most just. For instance, have you ever been the only person eating around people who aren’t eating?

If you hear a naysayer saying that you cannot, by all means do, in order to silence said frequency. Said voice which is white noise is the only canvas that broadcasters have to paint on. No fine strokes nor broad strokes nor breaststrokes!

Success equals the amp of your discipline & your inner critic for Whom the Bell Tolls, Quasimodo.

For whom Bella tolls for.

A critic, a politic, a rodeo clown dwell on imperfection. Excelsior.

Words are the lens to focus one’s brain. The camera is the poor’s man pen puts it more in context.

To whet Bob Garrett: “My advice is to advise those on the field to never carry a pen.” You’ll lose your job unless pounce on a squid with a quill! (Of course I have to sprinkle snark to what he has bestowed.)

Loose lips sink ships? Vagina lips?

Scoot in Squint close enough to see the Michaelangelo “Vitruvian Man”disposable thumbs as he disposed of them! Respect is the easiest to yearn the most complex to earn & learn. The easiest to gain the toughest to maintain. The most difficult to receive the most lucrative to achieve. You can win big without standing on someone, nor sitting square on their shoulders, nor stand tall without stepping on toes. Be a victor without claiming a victim.

Tinfish grants me critical words. To quote: Don’t mention the pen that fills the paper instead mention the hand that holds the pen; the wrist that moves the hand; the way the words flow out of the pen so fluent & comprehensive. It can only mean the words come from a robot. I’m not a robot. It’s normal for your joints to lock up if you’re not oiled constantly. What’s that?! That actually happens to robots?

3rd Eye

Good kitty or bad kitty? The paradigm shift betwixt titles is what we need to worry about. Tis not you, tis thy shattered fantasy. Held down since day one.

She’s all but a creature of myth, long since dismissed from today’s fairy tales. No denying the memories that bleed her dry. She’s the reason stars want to come crashing down to Earth.

Men want their privates wet; their wick lit; their fuse blown. They bow down on a single knee only to spend on average of $50K on a ring then the wedding when facts show half of all proposals go awry.

Kaput … Kapiche?

The science behind love : Oxytocin. Plant that seed, son. Don’t tell Mother Earth you impregnated her.

The 3rd eye has no eyelid. No wool. Permanently woke. Eyes are peeled from the moment we see there’s more to be seen.  To thine own selfie be true – there is no greater high.

Relationship status? I went to a psychic today. She had this to say: “Love is the game we play when the mind is preoccupied with desire.”

WOoHOo friendzoned. The notion that interpersonal understanding serves the purpose of harmonious coexistence❗

Social media allows us to see relationships for what they are & toe tag them. A cornerstone, in the vein of grief, allowing the present to pass. I shall see you all upon shut eye.

Stalking is putting it lightly! Viewing your quote on quote profile cues a murderous rage donning full clown finery agog in your bedroom window. This is why we like going rogue hoofing it alone being the lone wolf. So as not to cry wolf nor blur the lines.

Stephen Hawking: The Nimrod

His book History of Time says zip about time. Read it from cover to cover to find all he says: “I disagree with Einstein, that time is absolute. That it is never the same. Today’s date is not the same as next year.” Both are brainless specimen. This makes you think: how negative is the idolatry of a gimp paraplegic after all? What positivity can come in the valory of idols as slow as molasses? The seasons of the year, as we now know, are governed by the movements of Earth around Sun. Each season marks the return of Earth to its’ place in its’ circuit – a movement from one equinox (or solstice) to the next. Our race needs a calendar to locate bearings.

The ancient Babylonians started with the lunar calendar [explaining the crescent moon flag]. Obstinacy with moon cycles unearthed in 432 B.C. the Metonic cycle (after astronomer Meton) whereas the age of Cleopatra as far back as 4241 B.C. sought the rising / setting gild of an obelisk to bind society via the planting, & harvesting of crops.


Julius Caesar adopted the Modern day “New Style” (also known as solar) calendar, surviving the Middle Ages; used by Copernicus in his planetary tables in the 16th century; influenced each day to one of the 7 planets: sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn (direct derivative from Spanish, French or Italian).

“Week” is derived from German meaning to change, or turn about.

Every week God’s creatures reenacted his Creation (Exodus 20: 8-11). A forward step in the mastery of science. The week is man’s own cluster, not dictated by the visible forces of nature, for planetary admonition is transparent. By seeking astral regularities, by imagining recurring forces at a distance, judging by effect, to govern, preparing a new arsenal of thought, ignoring the prison of monotony. The otherworldly orbit led humankind from out of history into horoscopy – a replete prophecy.

Every conceivable human activity from the knotting of strings to dream interpretation is an oracle, witnessing the eagerness for clues to a future. Awestruck by night-light: heavenly bodies progressively assert the continuous force at a distance to rule the scientific mind. The rhythm of this planet translates the shifting fireworks of the firmament thru melodrama.

The light of the new full moon is most auspicious to hold business meetings. Lunastruck – mythic, mystic. Wordplay.

The Bible perceives God as an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance.  The stipulation being the Freedom of Speech. I don’t care what you think! train of thought.

When children sing “Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are?” it isn’t twinkling – powerful dynamics are at play here. As starlight hundreds of thousands of light years across space hits our atmosphere turbulence jiggles the image renders it twinkling. Planets are brighter than skies which appear first in the evening sky. Most people do not even Wish Upon A Star. We wish upon Planets.

Thy neighbor doesn’t shoot glimpses over thy fence nor do I shoot back – nor covet – thy neighbor’s rear. That sounds inappropriate but not incorrect.

As it says on the epithet of the late great Salvador Dali’s gravestone I am erect for knowledge so I try to never sit. Never fold like laundry. Never buckle under pressure. Nothing compares to people pointing at your shoes unable to touch the ground in public!

To whet Claudius Ptolemy (Greek writer, mathematician, astronomer, geographer, astrologer, & poet of a single epigram), “When we trace at our pleasure the windings to & fro of the heavenly bodies we no longer touch the Earth with our feet We stand with Zeus himself & take my fill of ambrosia.” We are an unforeseen specimen. A lighthouse not a clearing house. The Eiffel Tower not a place of refuge. Or is it refuse?

To quote the late not so great Tim Fargo, “The path to wisdom is paved with humility.” Have courage. It clears the way for what need be! Give yourself wedgies. Remind yourself who is the Boss! The machinations of Earth’s firmament are merely eerily planets in retrograde!