Egoism & or Egotism

ElsaAll the world is a philosophy & weโ€™re merely philosophers in an unjust society. Like your buttocks on your chair — The ego seeks to impress; the attention sought is either accepted or rejected. This stems into desires to evade stress, avoid pain, to locate sustenance & a mate, to have a roof over your head.

The crisis or stumbling block here is desiring attention (or a repertoire) via sacrificing comfort, wealth, & power. For instance, being a (male or female) slut means you can be sexual but not too sexual. Subjectivity is the capacity to feel connected to a moral compass & use these to make self-directed decisions, sublimating envy & jealousy into a socially acceptable form of social critique of sexual expression. Having boundaries is “being objective” knowing we are limitless: everyone has the power to shape reality. We’re the lost in Never Never Land.

Every act when in action is based in good or evil, right or wrong, a barometer for the egoist. We are judged by our appearance (appearance is half the battle) plus how we interact. This law of human nature is referred to or known as โ€œthe struggle.โ€ Since self-interest is psychological, then our rationale breeds ethics. For instance, if you do not dress to impress your social clique might give you an oddball eyeball. But you will not be removed.

๐Ÿ Snake

Everyone must answer, โ€œAm I a God connected to the appearances of physical bodies separated from each other in space + time, colliding according to causal determinism?โ€ During unstable times โ€“ when environmental conditions shift or humankind develop unity โ€“ viruses adapt, outflank & re-emerge. It seems as if our idols are the same as us: as the king says to the pauper.