Industry professionals do not understand the business the way that I do. I know they themselves do not know success otherwise they can use me to bring in cash with a K.

What does it take to be successful? The myth is true: Bad publicity increases the spoken word by 40%.

Clichés are overly familiar & commonplace. The word itself, over the years, reserves negativity. We use it with an intonation to down-size, belittle or demean. Cliché’s make movies win awards. To me the word is merely a desire to see characters as they see themselves. So then why lose millions? Why not make room for the genius & thought-provoking?

Media is a thin rope everyone walks. It affects everyone. So why be rejected by an audience? Why not attract all 6 billion people of Earth?

Every director creates a unique design & their idea is “worthy.” All stories aim to take advantage of its air time.

In Hollywood, I develop original content, meet with production & studio execs, mentored by entertainment Alumni & other great artists. I harness a ball of energy at the tip of my fingers & showcase story-lines. I interweave the discomfort of competition we experience daily as ordinary citizens! I portray the distrust between sexes which is a search for religion. I display the beauty, patience & rage families inhibit … Breakdown the elements of shame & envy.

I cannot rush my work as it will cause the disorder we see today in media. By surprising my fans they will know they are always in my thoughts. Audiences need me so the future needs me. I aggrandize my name. If someone does me a favor, I return the favor.

Movies use the ideas I have & make me feel I am good enough to play with the big wigs.

As noted in my hometown feature, for a decade I have spent my free time to be a successful novelist, filmmaker, comedian, screenwriter, book-dealer, brother, son & perhaps husband one day. I’m egalitarian & live for your rights. I cannot, & will not, rest until my calling is answered.

Other Interests? I urge people to recycle & live green. I help people on the job or bored or with flat tires. I roam the ghetto, pick up garbage & help anyone I see in distress. I open the door for people & attack criminals. Why not?

IF I HAD 1 YEAR TO LIVE & WON A MILLION DOLLARS … I’d donate to the poor. I’d open a school for writers; teach them a style of writing that is not cliché. I’d also open a school for comedians; teach them to be self-righteous. To not judge lower class or apply peer pressure but become egalitarian. I’d build comedy clubs & libraries.