Cuticle Moon

QuoteI remember when we used to talk every day. I miss that. Star-crossed lovers: We talked in the defiance of tyranny & laughed like free-spirited hyenas.  It’s so hard the distance between us. The truth is I stopped talking to you, not because I don’t want to hear your voice anymore, but because I thought I was annoying. A nuisance. A pest. Bugger.

Any number the clock’s hand touches now …  The hardest ply is not conversing to someone you traipsed with daily.

Inner goodness is harmony multiplied. Thy will never harm nor fail others maliciously!

It’s OK to say you’re not OK. There’s a hole somewhere on me & I can’t find it & even worse it drains my energy so I don’t matter. Our bridge is laden with 4 leaf clovers. When toxins surge or override our probiotics will shift gears in the eye of public scrutiny. The misinfo will feel unambiguous – trust the people are on the path of self-righteousness. It’s about “making time”. That’s how we know if we are loners. If at the end of the day you have no one to go out of their way to penetrate your earlobes.

  • Let my love💋 open the door🚪 to your heart💛

Your squad should be well rounded.


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