Stephen Hawking: The Nimrod

His book History of Time says zip about time. Read it from cover to cover to find all he says: “I disagree with Einstein, that time is absolute. That it is never the same. Today’s date is not the same as next year.” Both are brainless specimen. This makes you think: how negative is the idolatry of a gimp paraplegic after all? What positivity can come in the valory of idols as slow as molasses? The seasons of the year, as we now know, are governed by the movements of Earth around Sun. Each season marks the return of Earth to its’ place in its’ circuit – a movement from one equinox (or solstice) to the next. Our race needs a calendar to locate bearings.

The ancient Babylonians started with the lunar calendar [explaining the crescent moon flag]. Obstinacy with moon cycles unearthed in 432 B.C. the Metonic cycle (after astronomer Meton) whereas the age of Cleopatra as far back as 4241 B.C. sought the rising / setting gild of an obelisk to bind society via the planting, & harvesting of crops.


Julius Caesar adopted the Modern day “New Style” (also known as solar) calendar, surviving the Middle Ages; used by Copernicus in his planetary tables in the 16th century; influenced each day to one of the 7 planets: sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn (direct derivative from Spanish, French or Italian).

“Week” is derived from German meaning to change, or turn about.

Every week God’s creatures reenacted his Creation (Exodus 20: 8-11). A forward step in the mastery of science. The week is man’s own cluster, not dictated by the visible forces of nature, for planetary admonition is transparent. By seeking astral regularities, by imagining recurring forces at a distance, judging by effect, to govern, preparing a new arsenal of thought, ignoring the prison of monotony. The otherworldly orbit led humankind from out of history into horoscopy – a replete prophecy.

Every conceivable human activity from the knotting of strings to dream interpretation is an oracle, witnessing the eagerness for clues to a future. Awestruck by night-light: heavenly bodies progressively assert the continuous force at a distance to rule the scientific mind. The rhythm of this planet translates the shifting fireworks of the firmament thru melodrama.

The light of the new full moon is most auspicious to hold business meetings. Lunastruck – mythic, mystic. Wordplay.

The Bible perceives God as an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance.  The stipulation being the Freedom of Speech. I don’t care what you think! train of thought.

When children sing “Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are?” it isn’t twinkling – powerful dynamics are at play here. As starlight hundreds of thousands of light years across space hits our atmosphere turbulence jiggles the image renders it twinkling. Planets are brighter than skies which appear first in the evening sky. Most people do not even Wish Upon A Star. We wish upon Planets.

Thy neighbor doesn’t shoot glimpses over thy fence nor do I shoot back – nor covet – thy neighbor’s rear. That sounds inappropriate but not incorrect.

As it says on the epithet of the late great Salvador Dali’s gravestone I am erect for knowledge so I try to never sit. Never fold like laundry. Never buckle under pressure. Nothing compares to people pointing at your shoes unable to touch the ground in public!

To whet Claudius Ptolemy (Greek writer, mathematician, astronomer, geographer, astrologer, & poet of a single epigram), “When we trace at our pleasure the windings to & fro of the heavenly bodies we no longer touch the Earth with our feet We stand with Zeus himself & take my fill of ambrosia.” We are an unforeseen specimen. A lighthouse not a clearing house. The Eiffel Tower not a place of refuge. Or is it refuse?

To quote the late not so great Tim Fargo, “The path to wisdom is paved with humility.” Have courage. It clears the way for what need be! Give yourself wedgies. Remind yourself who is the Boss! The machinations of Earth’s firmament are merely eerily planets in retrograde!

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