We prosper in a brave new planet with peace dividend: lightness, & sweetness. Why bypass the peace treaty? Hoping or wishing away viciously dangerously threats do not do any good.

Note the great culture clash betwixt East & West. The challenge is the saturated broadcasting environment, with multiple avenues to reach people. Media provides a valuable tool to concede credibility. How does one win the allegiance of the masses?

Increasingly broadcast outlets are combining; these aren’t stove pipes. The person who does the TV report, works the radio report for the online papers; combine. Be a one figure band.

Find the beating heart of your tale, the pulse. Use punchy, dramatic headlines.

Imagine JESUS speaking to GOD:

“I’ve been given to the wrong family at birth; somewhere followers long for me. From where you stand, my failure to dog-paddle is the first of many. Failure to enunciate, failure to sit up straight, failure to plug into a social pipeline. In me, you recognize a failed life. Your own.”

Quote me: Silence is most loud as it is most just. For instance, have you ever been the only person eating around people who aren’t eating?

If you hear a naysayer saying that you cannot, by all means do, in order to silence said frequency. Said voice which is white noise is the only canvas that broadcasters have to paint on. No fine strokes nor broad strokes nor breaststrokes!

Success equals the amp of your discipline & your inner critic for Whom the Bell Tolls, Quasimodo.

For whom Bella tolls for.

A critic, a politic, a rodeo clown dwell on imperfection. Excelsior.

Words are the lens to focus one’s brain. The camera is the poor’s man pen puts it more in context.

To whet Bob Garrett: “My advice is to advise those on the field to never carry a pen.” You’ll lose your job unless pounce on a squid with a quill! (Of course I have to sprinkle snark to what he has bestowed.)

Loose lips sink ships? Vagina lips?

Scoot in Squint close enough to see the Michaelangelo “Vitruvian Man”disposable thumbs as he disposed of them! Respect is the easiest to yearn the most complex to earn & learn. The easiest to gain the toughest to maintain. The most difficult to receive the most lucrative to achieve. You can win big without standing on someone, nor sitting square on their shoulders, nor stand tall without stepping on toes. Be a victor without claiming a victim.

Tinfish grants me critical words. To quote: Don’t mention the pen that fills the paper instead mention the hand that holds the pen; the wrist that moves the hand; the way the words flow out of the pen so fluent & comprehensive. It can only mean the words come from a robot. I’m not a robot. It’s normal for your joints to lock up if you’re not oiled constantly. What’s that?! That actually happens to robots?

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