Good kitty or bad kitty? The paradigm shift betwixt titles is what we need to worry about. Tis not you, tis thy shattered fantasy. Held down since day one.

She’s all but a creature of myth, long since dismissed from today’s fairy tales. No denying the memories that bleed her dry. She’s the reason stars want to come crashing down to Earth.

Men want their privates wet; their wick lit; their fuse blown. They bow down on a single knee only to spend on average of $50K on a ring then the wedding when facts show half of all proposals go awry.

Kaput … Kapiche?

The science behind love : Oxytocin. Plant that seed, son. Don’t tell Mother Earth you impregnated her.

The 3rd eye has no eyelid. No wool. Permanently woke. Eyes are peeled from the moment we see there’s more to be seen.  To thine own selfie be true – there is no greater high.

Relationship status? I went to a psychic today. She had this to say: “Love is the game we play when the mind is preoccupied with desire.”

WOoHOo friendzoned. The notion that interpersonal understanding serves the purpose of harmonious coexistence❗

Social media allows us to see relationships for what they are & toe tag them. A cornerstone, in the vein of grief, allowing the present to pass. I shall see you all upon shut eye.

Stalking is putting it lightly! Viewing your quote on quote profile cues a murderous rage donning full clown finery agog in your bedroom window. This is why we like going rogue hoofing it alone being the lone wolf. So as not to cry wolf nor blur the lines.

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