The Auto In Aristocrat

Poetry corners lit agencies & their agents & grassroots market in tow w/ gibberish … so they publish as idioms, adages, aphorisms, limericks or haiku in their stead. Fuckity fuck fuck tending to the flock %&*$% If we decide to make it as lit as grand larceny, cull the rooting tooting herd.

Appease the non in your fictition. Plot a Venus flytrap in the daylight gardenia of the Pleasure-Seeking & Vile.

A Black-Hole chapter where the ellipses serves as the Margin of error.

To Misfire is lit for the illiterates; as fuego as the Menorah 🕎 Infernal magnate.

I say Knack. You say Facet. …How political grammarians be?

Run a line of gunpowder around the bills & the bobs. An established order of invalid gang-banging crypt walking aristocrats popping the red white blue collar. Ignite a Molotov matchbook to the cock ‘n tails astray. Compass takes orbit. Scratch the Poison Ivy itch. Super-villain not excluded.

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