Black Creates Intense Color

Many families fail to thrive because of preconceived notions. When this happens you MUST be willing to overlook the person’s shortcomings & forgive. Be passive to their aggression. Or psychology in reverse. Relatives & siblings will fall at some point. Offer a helping hand. People who come from broken homes & broken families more than likely suffer from the gossip mill. “Kill others with kindness” simply means do not expect others to do what you would do. If we forego traditional values, we’ll open our eyes one day & won’t be able to recognize ‘our world’ anymore.

New LGTV Ad:


“You taught me love Find Your way from Darkness” to whet Terrence Malick.

Or to quote Neil deGrasse Tyson “We live in an era where objective truths count as controversial subjects.” We are not nepotists (creatures of habit). We are creatures of routine sulking around the underworld finagling ballsacks. By the way, way in Spanish means Balls.


In other words, without an underdog there is nothing to write home about. In other words, to hell with love for God cannot be seen. Weave your alias like an engraved chair extolling spurious virtue. Be the fountain of youth. Radiate. Vibe. In the botanical midnight gardens of good & evil; being Eden of course.

Is it sheer chance every superhero movie yields [to] an origin story? Origins or a birthright show the exact moment when a normal human being – or entity – goes from being Just Like Us to being somehow better, faster, stronger — choosing altruism over the pursuit of wealth & power. Fan girls as well as fan boys do remark on the inspiration they draw from superhero & superheroine tales; guidance geared toward unearthing our purpose / your calling.

The motif has been around for millennia: A Jane or Joe battles supernatural forces & returns home from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons.

In real life, many people experience “stress-induced growth” after a trauma & resolve to help others – becoming social activists.  My downfall can be simplified down to holding onto the bitter resentment of grudges causing me to be salty to my fellow man.

Discover the “Chosen” brethren — compel us to grow up sooner than we want to. Tap in our capacity for empath. Read between the lines. Mental illness is a hoax created by healthcare advocates to cloak your frown. Mental health for instrument of depression. Idle hands are the Satan’s playthings.

You will never worry about the last laugh if you never stop laughing in the first place. I need to change / revise / update / alter my domain to I Kid You Knot with a K. You do too.

[Alluding to 34 Aliases People Suggest]

When Pacifists Meet Pacifier

Political correctness is intellectual tyranny or un-American.  Haven’t you heard of the Marxist revolution? He was extradited / “ostracized” for the written word. After being ostracized, every known ex-patriot author, of any importance at that time, would gather around Marx, in a secluded area, where he was at the helm of a round table. They would talk psychology (or, homeopathology, using the written word) to fill in the wounds of the brain Mother Earth left behind.

The requirement of being a quote on quote star is to become an enslaved body. Just flesh — a commodity, & renounce all autonomous qualities in order to identify with the general law of obedience; a parent’s wet dream. The star is a byproduct of the machine age, a relic of societal ideals. If you meet me treat me like a person, not a potential trophy photo op you’d like to post online. The tediousness most people fail to discover is that the super duper famous get the same reaction from everyone, every time, everywhere. It’s anthropophagolagnia, which is the desire to rape & then eat another human being.

The quote on quote American is a master of appealing to the limbic brain, our primal carnalities. The ravings of a paranoid who constantly feels others are taking advantage of us.


America should be aghast with their finger pointing. Geo -not ego- political scheme to unite the U.S. by being us with a huge, singular gripe! Helping me helping you. Not Vice Versa.

The word Gripest is odd! The act of forcefully shoving grapes down the throat of an unwilling victim. Just imagine a family asleep in their respective bedroom. Meantime a gripest busts your door in, baggie in hand:


The 1st tabloid star of the 20th century. (Perhaps named after the Grim Reaper). He remains the most notorious & enigmatic serial criminal in history who puts an intense urban spin on the horrific legend & unravels a chilling alleged conspiracy involving the most high; which is more PC than saying your highness.


Curiosity kills the cat?

Curiosity kills one cat. After 8 more attempts, the cat dies.

But no matter how many of those 9 lives it uses it is still a cat. We are people. Curiosity helps people seek the most powerful weapon in the game.

When we are bi-curious we besmirch; drown in, or with, glee. Curiosity kills the competition? All the less I am not one to commence the genocide run.

When the focus of curiosity is schadenfreude otherwise known as vanity, we distort reality forcing a wedge betwixt us & the globe. Setting impossible standards leaves us heartless judges sans reflecting in the mirror.

Don’t give me that curiosity kills the cat. Vain-glory kills cats. Meow.

Unfiltered judgment can get us into hot water. Curiosity kills the cat in us. Curiosity kills the kitten, then finds out it has 9 lives. Ideas coming going blossoming exposing wonderful new realities. Yet our minds spiral into the murk. Why? Pussy got your tongue?

Curiosity Kills but lack thereof may kill you faster than you think – inflating a raft for you to float on down shit creek sifting through shit canyon with the wind at your back.

Explaining my thought process is particularly problematic, especially if you’re talking with a pragmatic who wants you to deal strictly in numbers & facts. However, imagination is at the forefront of your world as psychic images & fleeting impressions flood our receptors. If your creative ideology isn’t granted enthusiastic reception now, hold until someone arrives who is capable to comprehend thy bold vision. French author La Rochefoucauld wrote, “Narrow-minded people generally condemn what is beyond comprehension.”


Now I understand why people say that curiosity kills as you find out the truth it hurts more than not knowing at all.

Manifest the tiger. If you try to find out what all of the secrets of the world at once, you will strain the limits of your mind into over-exhaustion.

Curiosity kills cats the same way humidity kills runners. We’re snoopy & nosey like that. Cut it out before the kitty breaks you. Pay it forward. Fuck the 9 lives. Slow painful death. Walking dead. Curiosity kills cats in your grill.

Most intellectually stifling phrase a child can hear? Morbid curiosity scares the kitten half to death. Our mood swings are effed up no room for curiosity.

Curiosity Kills Cats Generosity Grows Men. I’m no cat. I will always be curious. Life’s catalyst won’t kill humans.


How do you know when you fill the olfactory gag quotient? When you put as much humor in as the tone of what you are doing will sustain. Your responsibility as a pioneer at the helm sets the tone. Drop the oddity, draw the line, lend heart, a degree of warmth. Fight for truth here, now, on the record.

What does Clean Comic entail? I am a clean cut, PG guy always will be always have been; I’m not a has-been though.

I love how comedians (rookie or novice) female or cis-male typically start their sets with I’m depressed. Or depression is … Or some view point or take on how to tackle said depression – as depression leads to suicide wheretofore 1 out of 4 are successful.

To whet the idiom there’s one in every family. One person insane enough to bring down the establishment! I’m not asking you if you have a crazy person in your family, but say I were, how would you define to me crazy?

I ask you to ask yourself: Will we figure out what we need to know before Earth is destroyed by some random miraculous terrifyingly beautiful act of our so-called Universe?

Thank your eyes, brain & body – your silent companion throughout life – for allowing you consciousness!

To see more than you did before in an extraordinary time period allowing you & your fellow pedestrian to study mysteries of existences so far away: aliens, nothingness, science, gods, paranormal.

Combine common knowledge with your own beliefs, & conspiracy theories: explore the depths of the mind’s eye as we are all made of the same molecules of galaxies.

Anchored ⚓

Is it contradictory that news or new media is thy salvation? Remote sans control. Talking hyperbole. Those who don’t participate are victimized.

When 9-11 was broadcast, a bombastic chagrin rose as fingers seem to point in a chorus of responsibility inward. America’s xenophobic finger pointing is a helpless serving of fodder. Food for thought that no one counts with red pennies. If you will.

Infidels of all sorts are ethnically unmasked. Infidelity goes by the particular surname of terroristic acts. Infidelity clothes itself with the symbol of religion. In my case a Christian or Muslim Arab don one & the same fabric. A hijab. Niqab. Burka. Headscarf. The proverbial veil.


Thus Infidel crimes have no face. Heads bowed. Explosive diatribe. Just the bland origin of the Mediterranean. Olive skin tone.

What we need is public relations; not the voice of one ((or none) being that this is a narrative)). My app exercises public relations & portrays the scene of the four humours the world over via transparency. The lesson embedded.

Lo & behold justice for me is meted in the medium of ink. Americans cannot mature passed the aftermath of Obama-nation; not abomination. Narcissus is the being who peers at you in mirrors. Grapple the controls of the profession determinant of causal reality.

Voice of Narcissism

Ask yourself, Do you believe in sit-down comedy? In opposition to standup comedy. Why or why not?

Isn’t that basically what people do in real life & on their social platforms? Are we all comics or contrarians?

I asked my closest squad: Is it possible for a comedian/ comedienne to never repeat a joke & succeed?

PiaPia Louise: Transcendental Art:

I support your creativity & your vision for a digital comedy club. It is how you are known.

HlandChris Uhland: WEYW 19:

You are a “contrarian” who is not going to offer stale work.

MoranJoe Moran: Full Time L.A. Comic:

Never repeating a joke stretches you beyond your comfort zone of zingers.

PruynPhyllis Pruyn: Philly Comedienne:

Jesus created a cult & still impassions our world by only using 4 nails! Anything is possible & it is not up to anyone else to tell you otherwise. For Chrissake I’m growing a Fu Man Chu! Do you believe me? No. Why? Seeing is believing.

AliAli Nehmeh: LAX: You can indeed be & you are now the Comedian who never repeats a joke! The founder. The financial officer. The promoter. The employee. The audience. The cameraman. The DP. The marketer. The writer. The actor. You’re a one-man vehicle like Johnny Five, Wall-E, Professor X!

KiersteadKevin Kierstead: Air Force Vet/ Podcast Host:

I commend you on your Tenacity to be who you are: an Arabic Braveheart in a Man-Cave of Magic. Unsheath your sword cretin.

LincolnKelly Lincoln: Radio Host:

You are special, impulsive, sassy & savvy! Kemosabe.

AprielApriel Starkweather: Lucky 7 Productions Founder:

There is a blinding future at your fingertips. It is up to you to create who you are to the best of your ability.

WillWill Robinson: Marine:

What is your stance against, or your thoughts on, a digital comedy club? Is your future bleak?

KCK.C. Griffin: Father of 7:

Not only have mastered the Rubix cube, your forehead is a projector with holograms always playing.

GroveKris Grove: Holist:

The real question is if it is better or worse for an Arab-Christian to take on the feat in lieu of the war on radical extremists / extremism?

12 O’s in Trillion

Our student debt is 4 times greater than the GDP of Sweden. $3K is accrued per second. The average grad owes $36K while the Federal Government will pocket over $50 billion this year. By filing for bankruptcy protection, corporations halt litigation. Consumer & gambling debt may be erased but when Americans owe student loans, bankruptcy is not an option. Families inherit Student Debt of their deceased loved ones, literally haunting us in our grave. Out of 40 million borrowers – 7 million have defaulted – resulting in 25% penalization. If you’re behind on your payments you are unable to graduate.

Parents have electronic means of watching their childrens’ progress, calling teachers plus seeking reports, appalled at failure. Parents needs to parent.

Since ’99, student debt has increased 500 fold. According to CNN, since Y2K the average salary for young people has decreased 10%.

I put all of my focus on a concise & clear lecture with access to excel in each task & if I don’t understand I find a way to. You bet your behind. I don’t balk. I volunteer; commute to seminars, & emphasis programs, attend job fairs & luncheons; my free time is spent on extra credit.

I wish to digitally compute or tally in pencil the amount of extra hours I spend on what students refuse to address, whom resign themselves as hippies. I am trading debt for the right to be an expert as every apt pupil expects. Some have no principles; they asking instructors to bypass assignments for our sake.

billKeep the written word alive. There is no hot air to waste. Take their word at face value. Varnish your air of despair. Are our educational woes really another’s fault? In this day & age, teachers & parents sound off on the kettle of responsibilities. This would include all forms of educational bureaucracy, IEPs & unions.

So, is home-schooling the piece-meal? Please answer below. There’s the pot & then there’s the kettle. Instructors spare their allotted vacation time (way passed the final bell gong of the school year) grading as well as manufacturing exams for the betterment of the student body & the future of the United States Department of Education.

Some parents even hire lawyers to rant & rave against – & abscond – standardized testing … only to further emphasize the constructs of who are the allies & who are the enemies: the parents or the teachers?



I firmly believe the ONLY reason & sole calling of my immeasurable success as an Arabic Christian performer (founder of NeverRepeatAJoke) is whether I represent a superhero?

I invest in an art café in Amman, Jordan where I perform in my native tongue. I’m infused as Muslim & often barraged with insults as I’m 1st generation. I suffer from tinnitus where the only cure is socializing.

Argued to be a “real” comedian, I’m unique with regard to my range of vocalizations based on the auditory system. My use of frills as low frequency acoustic enhancers has generally been accepted as the new anti-humor. It stands to reason that my extraordinary ability to hear would also be capable of exhibiting a wide range of vocalizations over substantial distances.

An advocate for “improvised bombing” (which has 2 polar opposite definitions), my social media is under review by homeland security as I single-handedly counter terrorism, shepherd the lost, absolve extremism.

Please Respond Below: Are comedians comics? They can’t be the same [words]. Or can they?

Imagine the next Marvel DC movie of comedians/comediennes beating up superheroes with a microphone! HEHA!

Fellow Grammar Police Grammar Nazi: I’d rather see comedienne’s as superheroines. Do I add a dash there?